How To Manage Privacy on Facebook Using Lists

A friend of mine, a freelance writer, said to me that it is too hard to manage privacy on facebook. As he has a fan following so he hates to reject friend requests but also fears loosing privacy. Before sometime I also used to have limited friends on facebook because of privacy but now I know how to manage. I will share the way of managing privacy in facebook I use these days.

So please don’t hesitate to increase your facebook friend’s circle just because of privacy issue. If you can manage a thing then there is no need to avoid it. :)

Step 1:

Go to Lists. There must be many lists presents already e.g. family , friends, exceptions etc by facebook. Create following lists if these are not already present:

  • Family
  • My Friends*
  • Professionals
  • Closely Known Connections
  • All Known Connections

*Adding “MY” because the default list of all added friends by facebook is named “Friends”.

Step 2:

Put your family members, friends and professional friends in respective lists. Now put all your close friends in “Closely Known Connections” and “All Known Connections” list.

Step 3:

Now put all other known friends in “All Known Connections”. These are people that you know personally but are not your close connections. For example you want to have a colleague from another department but don’t want to share certain posts that you like to share it with your teammates.

Privacy Levels:

So now these lists refer to your privacy levels

  • Family > Your Family Members
  • My Friends > Your Friends
  • Professionals > Your Colleagues
  • Closely Known Connections > Family + Friends + Professionals + People You Know Closely
  • All Known Connections > All People You Know Personally (Close + Others)
  • Friends > facebook default list which has all your added friends.

Step 4:

Now manage your default privacy from Privacy Settings. I set it to “All Known Connections” but you can set according to your own preference. You can also set who can post on your wall from there. Just select particular list and work is done.

Using Defined Privacy:

Now all is set, you will be easily able to manage privacy. I will go through with examples so you can have a clear idea. I will go with the example of posting a picture but it can be applied to Status, Videos, Links etc.

Example 1:

I posted a picture of my family members and set the privacy to list “Family”. Same I can do it for uploading pictures in the different albums.

Example 2:

I posted a picture of me hanging out with friends at a snooker club. I’m sure I cant show it to my family :P so I set the privacy to list “My Friends”.

Example 3:

I posted a picture of get-together of office friends. So simply I will set privacy to “Professionals”. In this case I could also add “Family” and/or “My Friends” but it’s totally up to you.

Example 4:

I posted a picture of me and my nephew. I love kids and want to show this picture to all closely known people in my life so I will set the privacy level to “Closely Known Connections”.

Example 5:

I did something creative but don’t want to share it with my followers. So I will just post it setting privacy to “All Known Connections”.

Example 6:

I posted a picture of myself at Convocation and want everyone to know my joyous moment including people who added me because of my work (followers). So I will just post it with setting privacy to “Friends”.

Example 7:

I wrote a latest blog post and want everyone on the internet to know about that. So I will just post it with setting privacy to “Public”.  :)