Data Recovery From Corrupted File System Using TestDrive

A few days back my Operating System crashed. While trying to recover data when I connected my drive to another PC using external USB Hard Drive connector, it asked me to Format Drive mentioning the drive has no/corrupted file system. I search through the internet and found a free open source recovery software “TestDrive” which had very good reviews on the internet but I found it too hard to use. So after spending a good amount of time I was successful and recovered over 100 GB important data from corrupted drive.

Following are the steps for data recovery from a corrupted file system drive using TestDrive (click on any image to view full size):

Step 1: Download and Run TestDrive as administrator.


Step 2: Create a log file.


Step 3: Select the corrupted drive.


Step 4: Select Partition Table type. Usually TestDrive tells you what it detected but you have to select manually. This step is really important and you must know the Partition Table type.


Step 5: Select “analyse” option.


Step 6: Here you can see that corrupted partition being shown two times. Select any partition from which data is required to be recovered.


Step 7: If your data is present in a corrupted file system partition then you will see following message i.e. “The partition can’t be recovered”. Just select drive and press Enter to continue.


Step 8: After analysing it will show you the actual partitions.


Step 9: Select any Partition and press P ( It will show all files and folders in the particular partition).


Step 10: Now press C and it will ask for the path where data is required to be copied. Either manually enter path or select any folder in shown directory using Right and Left keys. Once you are on desired path,  press C again to copy selected file/folder.  Copying will start and it will show a success message once done. Sadly it won’t show you the percentage or progress but you can see actual files being copied in selected directory by refreshing using explorer/finder.


Note: The solution refers to corrupted Windows 7 NTFS File System but TestDrive supports many OS so I believe steps would be same.