Yes Steve Jobs Wasn’t Great, But He Had Great Impact

NOTE: Following article is in reference/response to “Steve Jobs Wasn’t Great, He Wasn’t Even Close“.

The article didn’t come as surprise to me considering the social media hype and tribute to Jobs. It was expected that importance given to single person might frustrate many.

Contrary, there was no such grief on death of Dennis Ritchie. I am sure many readers would be thinking “Dennis Ritchie, who was he?”, Dennis Ritchie was creator of C Programming language (The Mother of all programming languages) and UNIX Operating System (on which our whole internet world is based on) it means without Ritchie’s creations there would be no Apple, Mango or other fruits of technology. The best thing was he didn’t patent any of his creation rather shared the knowledge with whole community. As a software engineer I admired his work and was surprised of almost no response from general public.

Was The Hype Of Jobs Death Too Much?

To answer that question I went through an analysis of impact of both personalities on general public. Ritchie’s work was never came across to general user’s end, considering users don’t bother what OS a website is using they only bother about website design. The day Jobs died immediately after news 350+million iPod users, 110+million iPhone users, 20+ million iPad users and unspecified number of iMac, iOS and other iProduct users knew that visionary of their favorite product has passed away. Jobs had a direct impact on users so the hype was not came as surprise to me.

Another reason could be the fact how Jobs took Apple at top in a decade. If we see Apple’s history, when he left Apple it was first Personal Computer Creator Company and till 1997 (when jobs was hired again) it had no significant presence, ideas or inventions. Jobs took Apple from nothing significant to most demanded products’ company. He cut down hundreds of products to just 10 products and focused on achieving something new, some may ask iPhone was same cellular device which makes calls so what was new? For them the answer is presentation, ease and fulfilling “what a user wants”. This played a roll of mentor for many.

So I realized that:

The Greater Impact Of Creation on General Public, The Greater Response Creator Would Get.

Now I am wondering what response Mark Zuckerberg will get, billion users are on facebook and everybody knows its Creator.