How To Manage Privacy on Facebook Using Lists

Know how to manage privacy on facebook and don’t hesitate to increase your facebook friends circle just because of privacy issue. If you can manage a thing then there is no need to avoid it.

Types of Software Companies

Project oriented software companies truly rely on Projects. They pick up, hunt, search and accept projects. They use many channels including company website, project outsourcing sites, marketing office etc.

Reusability In Databases

Have you ever thought of removing redundancy from your databases? This is a common practice that every entity is defined separately

Sophisticated Ways To Write A Function

Sophisticated Ways To Write A Function. Sticking to basics is first step to achieve success. So if any one struggling and trying hard to make his project better then he should first correct basics. Function is the most basic part of a class, which obviously most basic part of any […]

Android: UI Navigation Using Back Button

You have developed a fine Android application, implemented tabbed design or have multiple screens and there are lots of UI screens that will be shown on var …

Android: How To Disable Back Button

In your application you might need to disable back button. Some handle back button operations by providing image/button on screen or by editing back …

Yes Steve Jobs Wasn’t Great, But He Had Great Impact

NOTE: Following article is in reference/response to “Steve Jobs Wasn’t Great, He Wasn’t Even Close“. The article didn’t come as surprise to me considering the social media hype and tribute to Jobs. It was expected that importance given to single person might frustrate many. Contrary, there was no such grief on death of […]